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Файловый архив Софт и программы Мультимедиа MusicBee Portable 3.1.6466 FoxxApp
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MusicBee Portable 3.1.6466 FoxxApp

MusicBee Portable 3.1.6466 FoxxApp

MusicBee - многофункциональный проигрыватель аудио файлов. Программа имеет возможность тонко редактировать теги, работает с плей-листами, конвертирует аудио, записывает аудио диски, автоматически загружает информацию о треках с интернета, умеет читать аудио книги и многое другое.

Подробнее о MusicBee:
• Проигрывание и риппинг Audio CD.
• Форматы поддерживаются: AAC, MP3, MPC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, TAK, APE, WMA, WV и WAV.
• Конвертирование поддерживаемые форматы.
• Встроенная поддержка файлов разметки (CUE).
• Организация и переименование аудио файлов на основании их тегов.
• Автоматическое регулирование громкости ReplayGain.
• Скроблинг в Last.fm.
• Функция веб-браузинга с применением платформы Mozilla XULRunner.
• Поддержка MiniLyrics.
• Настройка интерфейса и горячих клавиш.
• Имеется поддержка WASAPI и ASIO.

MusicBee - enables you to manage and organize your music collection. You can browser you collection by artist, album and genre and also perform keyword searches to find the song you are looking for. If you have music files with incomplete or missing tag data, MusicBee can automatically download the tag data for you, along with lyrics and cover art. The program identifies a track by its digital sound signature, so it does not depend on a complete set of existing metadata. Other features include smart playlists with the ability to discover and play new music from the web, advanced tag editing, folder monitoring, synchronizing with portable devices, library backup, sound visualizer, iTunes import and secure CD ripping with embedded cuesheet AccurateRip validation.

What's New 3.1.6466:

Version 3.1.6466
Released on September 16, 2017

-the following are no longer custom tags and now have dedicated tags: "Title Sort-Order", "Album Sort-Order", "Album Artist Sort-Order", "Artist Sort-Order", "Composer Sort-Order", "Language", "Original Artist", "Original Album", "Original Year", "Musician Credits List"
- The various Sort tags are now editable in a new "Sorting" tab in the tag editor
- Original Year, Title and Artist are now standard tags in the Tags(2) tag editor panel
- Musician credits are now editable in the Artist tag splitter (click the ... button by the Artist tag)
- the library database: musicbeelibrary.mbl is copied to musicbeelibrary.preupgrade in case you need to undo the upgrade and revert to an older MB version
- The behaviour of the various Sort tags (Sort-Artist, Sort-AlbumArtist, etc) has been changed so when sorting by Artist, MusicBee will now automatically use any Sort-Artist tag value for the sort operation. Note that if an album is not consistently tagged with the same Sort-AlbumArtist then it will be split
- Classical music tags: Work and Movement are now supported (click the arrow button on the title prompt)
- long filenames (>260 characters) is now supported
- Playlists panel enhanced to support multiple levels of folders and provide the full functionality equivalent of the left navigator playlists
- Playlists can now also be displayed in a standalone panel (set in the Panel Arrangement dialog)
- New Volume visualiser panel (Peak and VU)
- New Graphics visualiser panel (allows the Milkdrop visualiser to be displayed in a panel)
- Spectrum visualiser can now be displayed using a centered frequency range
- Inconsistent tags "Files to Edit" filter now includes the Album Gain tag
- New "Album Played" display tag
- Panel layout is enhanced so each panel header can optionally be hidden
- New Hotkeys for the following:
- Send files to the active device
- Send files to the active playlist
- Toggle playing tracks to show the upcoming tracks
- Drag/drop is enhanced so you get a visual representation of the number of files being dragged and a message showing what action would be taken if you dropped the files on a panel
- Artwork layout now allows the selected tracks to be displayed to the right of the main panel
- Nested filter rules in auto-playlists can now be set as an "And" or "Or" condition
- Auto-playlists can now be set to automatic or manual refresh of the matching tracks
- New Album Artwork Manager tool, enables you to view and correct a variety of inconsistent album artwork conditions
- You can now disable the display of the current playing track in the windows Taskbar popup (this addresses a windows display issue when alt-tabbing)
- New "Remove Cuesheet" right click menu item
- new naming template functions:
- $RxReplace(,"reg-ex search pattern","regex-replacement pattern")
- $RxSplit(,"reg-ex search pattern",index)
- the virtual tag/ file naming template field editor can now Preview the results of any template you define
- the Playing Tracks panel can now show Upcoming Tracks
- the Library Explorer can now display and navigate the folder structure of files in your library

Год: 2017
Платформа: Windows® 10/8/8.1/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: Multilanguage / Русский
Автор сборки: Foxx PortableAppZ
Лекарство: Бесплатно
Размер: 22.95 MB


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